16th November 2023

Navigating Career Progression at WMSLT

At WMSLT, we believe in fostering a supportive work environment that allows our Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists to grow both personally and professionally. As you consider a career with us, we hope our transparency will provide you with the essential information to understand the different roles.

Newly Qualified Practitioner – Band 5:

NQPs start their journey at Band 5. At WMSLT, we offer a comprehensive support system to help our NQPs transition smoothly into their roles. This initial banding provides a solid foundation for gaining hands-on experience across a range of paediatric clinical settings.

Junior 1 Grade – Mid Band 5 (1-3 years’ experience):

As our therapists gain experience, they progress to the Junior 1 grade, positioned at the mid-point of Band 5. This phase allows individuals to build on their foundational knowledge, refine clinical expertise, and take on more responsibilities within their roles.

Junior 2 Grade – Band 6 (3-5 years’ experience):

With 3-5 years of experience, therapists move into the Junior 2 grade, situated at the lower end of Band 6. This transition represents a significant step forward, acknowledging the increasing clinical skills of our team members.

Senior 1 – Band 7 (5-7 years’ experience):

With more experience, therapists progress to the Senior 1 role. This level is indicative of a higher level of expertise, involving more complex cases and leadership responsibilities. At WMSLT, we recognise and reward the dedication and commitment of our Senior 1 therapists.

Senior 2 – Band 7 / Band 8a (7 years+ experience):

Our most seasoned professionals, with 7 years or more of experience, attain the Senior 2 role. This position straddles the line between Band 7 and Band 8a within the NHS bandings, showcasing the pinnacle of clinical proficiency, leadership, and expertise.

Join us on this exciting journey of professional development, where your passion for Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy meets a rewarding career path at WMSLT.

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