Commissioning WMSLT for your Early Years Setting

The Early Years Pupil Premium was set up to improve the education of disadvantaged 3& 4 year olds – How are you using your funding? Have you considered choosing to use this to fund WMSLT to help you make a positive impact? Choose a regular service for your setting or design a bespoke communication support package to meet your needs

Our team of experienced Early Years speech & language therapists work in partnership with education settings, parents and children’s service providers to support and advise on speech, language and communication development in the early years.

Working within the EYFS framework and in line with current best practice we aim to offer a broad range of universal, targeted and specialist services which are tailored to meet your individual needs and budget.

How does WMSLT work with Early Years Settings?

Our experienced early years speech & language therapists will work in partnership with staff, parents and partners to support and advise on speech, language and communication needs

We understand that no two early years settings are the same or have the same needs, therefore we aim to offer a broad range of universal, targeted and specialist services which are tailored to meet your individual needs and budget. We achieve this by:
1) listening and understanding your needs and setting joint service objectives and working with you to develop an action plan to meet the desired outcomes (PLAN)
2) delivering a bespoke set of universal, targeted and specialist interventions to address the identified need. (DO)
3) constantly evaluating the effectiveness of the service and measuring progress towards the long-term objectives (REVIEW)

Benefits of working with West Midlands
Speech & Language Therapy

Planning a service with you!

WMSLT understand that to make the biggest difference to the communication needs of our students with special education needs, it is necessary to work through the staff within their setting. WMSLT will support each setting to adopt a policy that is inclusive, effective and sensitive to the needs of the population. It should identify how the service can support individual students and how the service will work with the staff to develop a communication friendly environment that places a strong emphasis on functional communication and social communication.

Delivering the service with you!

Depending on needs and budgets, schools can choose to purchase a regular service from WMSLT (e.g. weekly input) or schools may decide with WMSLT that service needs can be met with a less regular service (e.g. termly/half termly). We pride ourselves in providing a flexible service and being able to support settings as and when the needs arise.
Within WMSLT, we have staff trained in Makaton signs and symbols, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (P.E.C.S), intensive interaction, lego therapy, widget symbol systems. We use trusted tools developed by the Communication Trust to empower staff to be self sufficient to identify and support speech, language and communication needs

Evaluating the Service with you !

We measure the effectiveness of our service through constant communications with our settings. We are target focused to ensure individual students progress is demonstrated and we do this by regularly reviewing and reporting student outcomes.

Progress towards the long term service objectives is reviewed at agreed intervals and settings are provided with termly qualitative and quantitative data.

The successful implementation of the Communication Policy should be the end goal for the service and progress towards adhering to this policy will be the evidence.

This is ideal evidence of communication excellence for OFSTED. The quality of written communications shared by our staff is audited by senior management and settings are invited to feedback their experiences of using the service with recommendations for improvements welcomed.

“If children with language delay do not get timely support, their difficulties will continue and can adversely affect academic and social relationships” (Sage 2005)
“Our Therapist’s professionalism and knowledge are excellent and she has been an asset to the school” (Class Teacher – Birmingham Primary School)
“The service is flexible, responsive and meets our needs in supporting children and staff - staff have been up skilled and have improved their capacity to support SLCN in class” (Birmingham Primary school SENDCo)

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