WMSLT can maximise impact by ensuring that we are providing evidence based practise. This is important because it aims to provide the most effective care that is available, with the aim of securing the best possible outcomes for our children, their families and educators. WMSLT is committed to delivering a quality service with the best possible outcomes and therefore use of an evidence based approach is inherent throughout our service from to design to delivery.


As a team, WMSLT are constantly re-evaluating the service we provide to our purchasers.
This might be at an individual level, evaluating the best interventions for specific children, giving consideration to the child’s personal/family circumstance, clinical experience and looking at the relevant evidence of an approach.


Specialist Level:

(This might be for a single child and their family or might be for a group of individuals as part of a school direct caseload)
At agreed intervals, SLT staff will set clinical/education targets in consultation with the relevant people around the child. The SLT will then identify the most appropriate intervention for that individual based on a number of factors including the relevance of targets for the child, a review of the quality/relevance of the evidence for an approach, clinical experience and the clinical guidelines available to us. The child’s progress against the targets will be reviewed at agreed intervals and effectiveness of the intervention/progress made will be shared with the purchasers.

Targeted and Universal Level:

Many Schools decide that in the current climate where communication needs are significant across a broader group of children, there is a need to provide support at a targeted and universal level. Our staff can help educators to identify where there may be gaps in knowledge and skills needed to identify and address SLCN. We will work with our partners in education to identify realistic short term, intermediate and long term objectives at this level and establish outcome indicators to ensure objectives are met and we are working towards reaching our long term aims. Identifying and training school staff to become communication champions is a proven and effective way to support greater number of students at this level. What is a Communication Champion WMSLT

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